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Maureen’s Story

Maureen was initially very self conscious of her smile. She wanted a more pleasing smile, more specifically she wanted her two front teeth closer together and straightened. Upon an initial examination, Dr. Cherukuri found that Maureen needed to have her wisdom teeth removed and several cavities that needed to be filled. Our highly trained staff was here to help her, without judgment.

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Andrea’s Story

When Andrea called our office, she stated she was having an issue with her bridge. Our office got her in right away and began a virtually painless treatment of a bone graft and tooth removal. Andrea says our treatment was perfect and exceeded her expectations. The team was very friendly and professional. Her comfort level was 10 out of 10, the team was very gentle throughout her treatment.

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Elvia’s Story

Elvia first came to our office for a routine visit. It had been a few years since she has seen a dentist. Dr. Cherukuri explained each step of what needed to be done in order to attain a healthy smile. She explained her recommended treatment, allowing Elvia to calm her worries. Elvia is grateful for our very friendly, professional and comforting team.

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