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Elvia's Story

Elvia first came to our office for a routine visit. It had been a few years since she has seen a dentist. Dr. Cherukuri explained each step of what needed to be done in order to attain a healthy smile. She explained her recommended treatment, allowing Elvia to calm her worries. Elvia is grateful for our very friendly, professional and comforting team. She's normally very nervous when getting dental work done, but Dr. Cherukuri was so comforting during her care that she was calm and relaxed. Elvia says it's definitely worth your time to come in because it changed not just her smile, but her confidence level. She explains that it's so great to be able to smile and laugh without worrying about covering your smile. Come and check out Smile Artistry and see what we're able to do for you!

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Smile 2

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